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Gucci Scarf Men Wool

$56.00 $82.00
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Men’s scarves 👍 are exactly the same‼ Gucci heavyweight best trading company channel goods‼ Heavy family benefits 👍Among the very few male models, this is considered a fraud. See you N times at the G counter‼ Our quality is really amazing, it is still the awesome channel before‼ Gucci’s most classic men’s scarf, “unspoken rule” by QC. Pure pure original ~ just a few small boxes‼ If you have a genuine product, just pull it out and PK it 😝 Such a product is really free of purchasing agent ❗~ Everyone knows the regular order, and basically placed the order early, the proper fraud, surprise~ The evergreen tree in Gucci men’s models The most classic and most suitable double G wool scarf for male gods. Very authentic men’s scarf~ I love the fabric, the jacquard double G letter, very manly style, the upper body effect is invincible and beautiful‼ Atmospheric and simple, super good-looking male god color matching, any boy will like it, with a texture and unobtrusiveness❗I have been fascinated by the texture of the fabric and the effect of contrasting colors many times during the photo shoot. This classic counter is out of stock every year. Demand exceeds supply. It is even rarer to get channel goods. A few years ago, I received a tailgate. In the middle of a few years, the rhythm is completely uncertain. Zoom in this year. Been talking to QC for almost a year. Goods exported to the UK. I was so excited that I wanted to cry. Just take it when you see it. It is very difficult for this kind of customer to place an order directly to the trading company to receive the goods. Basically, they were all done by QC. The fabric is provided by Guilao, and the gap with domestic fabrics is really big. I can take pictures of this level of detail with my mobile phone and amaze the audience‼ 30*180cm.



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