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Replcia Cheap Gucci Marmont Crossbody & Shoulder Bags White Mini

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🔘GG Marmont (White Square) Mini Shoulder Bag with Chain Strap (ceiling level)

The new Marmont Square is so beautiful, and what’s more, it can hold a mobile phone. The GG Marmont bag has a quilted pattern Whether the similarity can reach 100% depends on the softness and hardness of the original leather material and the level of embroidery thread selected for embroidery. This bag is not difficult to make, but the difficulty lies in absorbing the fullness and concave-convex feeling from the quilting spacing. , layering and three-dimensionality, this is a big challenge, the slope when lowering the needle, the strength when pulling the needle, the width when leaving the position, the depth of turning out, and where the thread goes first and then embroidered when embroidering. You have to figure it out bit by bit and then input it into the computer, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. With new and new leather materials, we need to fully understand the hardness and softness of the original leather materials, and at the same time predict the structure of the bag, and use the most delicate workmanship to resist the updates and iterations of the market, especially the small belly when the bottom width of the bag is empty, and The genuine product has exactly the same structure and shape, and the shape is the same without heavy objects. And when viewed from the side, the curvature is as smooth as before. The overall three-dimensional sense of the bag is very good. It is very layered and has details that are not easily seen. It pays attention to replicating the soul and tries to make every corner detail perfectly interpreted. It can be used dexterously at the same time. Completely portrays the genuine soul of the bag. While flowing smoothly, I also have the calmness in craftsmanship brought by persistence.
Size: 18x15x8cm
: Style number 739682


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